Why Should I Hire A Professional Organizer?


“I moved 4 years ago and still have mystery boxes hiding in my closets and garage. I can’t remember what’s inside them.”

“I’m juggling my family, career, household, and self-care. Adding time for home organizing will send every ball crashing to the floor.”

“I’m moving to a new home and my stress is through the roof. How in the world can I pack, much less unpack?


I hear statements like these all the time from my clients. Life often demands more time than we have to give. Each of us would love to walk into an organized home, but when relationships and earning a living take precedence, time for organizing often vanishes. Trying to recreate that lost time leaves most of us feeling overwhelmed and alone.

If these statements resonate with you, then hiring an organizer may be just what you need. Through a phone or an on-site consultation we will define your goals and create a plan to bring Everyday Order to your home. You will feel your load lighten immediately as you give yourself permission to cross items off of your to-do list so you can enjoy doing what you love.


As we work side-by-side, I will help you decide what to keep and where to keep it. I can recommend storage solutions and shop for products for your home. And if you want to show off the inside of your pantry and cabinets as much as your newly designed living room, I love creating magazine-worthy spaces.


I understand that the thought of having someone come help you get organized can sound intrusive or even scary. Please set your mind at ease. Here’s what people are saying about Everyday Order:


“I picked Everyday Order because I liked her aesthetic: modern, bright and beautiful. Everyone admires how magazine-like everything looks now, and it takes no work to maintain it that way.” Yulie, Denville, NJ

“Everyday Order is great to work with. I highly recommend her service to anyone who wants to add some order to their disorder.” Jay, Montclair, NJ

“Laura at Everyday Order came in and found a home for everything. Once I figure out the next part of my unorganized life that needs immediate attention, she will be the first person I call!!” Jessica, Upper Montclair, NJ



Sure, you might get around to doing it yourself, but how long will it take you? And at what cost to your relationships and other obligations? Will you spend as much time on the little details, insuring that every inch of your space is well thought out and that your plan is executed?

Check out my website for more information about how we can work together.

5 Questions That Will Make You Want To Organize Your Closet


Have you ever opened up your closet, cringed at the sight of all your clothes and still felt like you had nothing to wear? What if your closet looked like a stylist came and hand picked items just for you? With a little work and some fun, it can.


I want you to get excited each time you open up your closet in the morning. That can be hard to do when so much of the time our drawers and closets are overflowing with clothes we so seldom wear. If, however, we can find those pieces we love to wear regularly, we will start to form a curated collection of clothes we actually want to wear.


Before you head to your closet and start purging, start with a plan. For a complete guide on how to actually clean out your closet and plan for a new wardrobe, check out Unfancy’s workbook.

Since I was born and raised in California, I can’t help that my style leans towards comfortable, effortless and simple. I like to use Pinterest to create seasonal outfit boards and if an article of clothing does not fit into those parameters, it doesn’t even make it into the dressing room, let alone my closet.


I bet when you imagine your dream closet, it’s not cluttered with items you might wear “someday.” Here are some of my favorite questions to ask yourself when clearing out your closet.

Closet Clean-out Questions

Is keeping this item standing in the way of creating the closet I really want?

Would I go to the store and pay full price for this item today?

Will I wear this in the next 3-6 months (or ever)?

Do I already own something similar?

Does this energize me or drain me?  

I hope this gives you some motivation to analyze and assess your closet. Remember you don’t have to do it all at once, it’s completely fine to tackle your closet one section at a time. Stay tuned, because in the next post I’ll share more closet tips with you.


Organizing your cube storage? These solutions are a lifesaver.

Playroom Storage

We all have seen those cube storage systems from stores like Target and IKEA. They come in a variety of combinations and– for the price– they seem like a great way to organize your goods. Convinced that such a system is your magic bullet, you buy the thing and use your superwoman powers to get it home and assembled.

But uh-oh. Now you realize that those perfect little squares, which are taking up prime real estate in your home, don’t work so perfectly with your kids’ various possessions.  Not to worry, my friend.  Your Herculean efforts can pay off after all. Here are eight options to refresh and maximize your space, some for as little as $4! 



Wire Bin. Fade up Basket.


Stripes. Woven. Dark Grey.


Stripes. Grey. Clear.

What are your favorite ways to organize cube storage systems?

How to organize your pantry like a professional


As some of you know, I am knee deep in boxes as I prepare for an upcoming move. I thought I would take a break from packing, let you into my home and give you a quick tour of my pantry. Grab a cup of coffee, take a seat and lets get to it, shall we?

Here’s an overview, so you have the products and links I used, but make sure you watch the video to follow along.


My pantry tour. one. two. three. four. five. six. seven.


My pantry tour: eight. nine. ten. eleven. twelve. thirteen.

I can’t wait to share with you how I organize the next pantry! If you don’t want to miss a thing, follow along on instagram @everyday_order and get updates on http://www.everydayorder.com .

4 Reasons That Will Change How You Feel About Moving

As I write this, our apartment looks bare and foreign to me. Boxes stand like Tetris squares against the empty walls, full of all the things that made our home cozy. Our place looks sterile. But even as I listen to my voice echo in the emptied rooms, something inside me gleams. While most people dread moving, I anticipate the change ahead with a hint of excitement. Sure, packing and all the necessary paperwork are tedious, but in my experience, the good outweighs the bad. So, what is it about moving that I like? Here are four positives about packing a house and moving.



Moving allows you to touch everything you own and re-evaluate its importance in your life. You don’t want to miss this step. I learned this the hard way during several moves where I neglected this evaluation, and instead packed and moved everything.  Not only did my unpacking take much longer in my new home, but I ended up donating more than I kept after all that effort of moving it. Why would I want to create more work for myself in such a hectic time? Here are some useful questions I ask to help with this process: Do I love this? Do I need this? Do I use this? When I keep an item in the back of a closet and only see it when I move,  I am likely not being a good steward of my time, space, or the belonging itself. Most of our things are in pretty good condition, so If the answers to the above questions are “no,” I find the item a good home by giving it to a friend, selling it, or donating it elsewhere. But if it’s worn out, I toss it.



Moving can give you more room–even if you are downsizing. Why? Because editing while you pack automatically creates more space! Then when I open those boxes, I can gently fill my new space only with what is beautiful, useful and well-loved. This goes for clothing, home decor, kitchen equipment, party supplies and pretty much everything I own!



Moving also gives you the opportunity to start fresh and reorganize your new home so that it functions better than your last place. I am excited about this particular relocation because it’s our first move since I started my organization business, Everyday Order. I can’t wait to apply inspirations I’ve gleaned from other organizers and designers as I unpack and find “homes” inside our new home for each of our belongings. I’ve found that my organizing ideas also multiply as I explore and create Pinterest boards and visit The Container Store! 



Moving gives you the chance to explore a new town. I’m excited to immerse myself in our new neighborhood. We are only moving 20 minutes away, but I get to find a new favorite coffee shop and nail salon. Goodbye, old comfort zone. Who knows what I’ll find at my new favorite vintage shop?


My husband’s career has landed us in several locations over the last ten years. As a result, new, exciting and different changes have shaped me; I’ve always ended up a bit stronger and more confident. I hope your next move gives you a wonderful fresh start, too.

What have you learned about yourself after a move?

How to Give Meaningful Gifts

What makes a gift meaningful? I like to think that when a gift creates a memory or evokes a positive feeling, the pleasure of the gift lingers, and the recipient is likely to know you chose it with care.

EVERYDAYORDER_0212Each winter, my friend and her brothers get together around the holidays and treat themselves to a dinner over good wine and lively conversation. They spend quality time together making memories, instead of buying each other tangible gifts. I just love the image of them sitting around a table and enjoying each other’s company, don’t you?



Here are some ideas for creating similar memories for the special people in your life.

Everyday Order’s Clutter-free Gift Guide

Spa Day  for a massage, mani, pedi or facial (or all of the above).

Unique Experience such as flying in the co-pilot seat, driving a race car, fishing in Alaska, hunting in Montana, playing paintball, zip-lining.

Workshop, Course or Lessons  for flower decorating, golf, photography.

Monthly Subscription for flowers (Blooms in Hand is great if you’re local to    Montclair, NJ.), bread-of-the-month, cigars-of-the-month, hot sauce of the month.

•Yearly Zoo Pass or other yearly pass.

Night Out or Weekend Away at a local B & B.

Seeds for the green thumb in your life.

Tickets. Movie, comedy, concert.

Photography Session for family portraits.

Time just being together. (You can give a gift certificate promising a weekly visit or phone call.)

Book in a genre that interests them.

Gift Certificate for a  restaurant, cleaning service, meal delivery, groceries.


So, Beautiful Gifters, what gifts do you enjoy giving and receiving? Share your ideas below.


What to pack for a trip home for the holidays with a baby

I love a good list. I have a list of what to take to the beach (I know I’m crazy) and a list of what to pack for a trip home to California. Now with a family of three, my lists have grown. I did the six hour flight alone with G when he was four months old and I was determined to look like a pro. What do I do with the stroller? the car seat?? the baby???

I found this list to be quite extensive from newborn to teen from travelmamas.com.

I tweaked travel mamas list to form my list for a child from 0-2.


Clothing/Accessories (use this for you and repeat for baby)

Dressy Outfit
Casual Outfits
Pajamas (2 Per Baby)
Work Out Clothes
indoor Slippers
Work Out/Walking Shoes
Fancy Shoes
Boots for Cold Weather

Barretts/Pony Tail Holders



Breast Pump & Accessories
Baby Bottles
Powdered Formula
Baby Spoons
Baby Cereal
Baby Bowls for Cereal
Baby Food
Sippy Cups
Burp Cloths



Soap (Don’t Forget Baby Soap!)
Shampoo (And Baby Shampoo!)
Make-Up Bag/Shaving Kit
Hair Products (Gel, Detangler, etc.)
Comb or Brush
Prescription Glasses & Contact Lenses
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Birth Control

Lovey/Blankie/Stuffed Animal/Doll
Coloring Book
Crayons or Washable Markers
Cards/Travel Board Games
Notepad & Pen


Cell Phone
Cell Phone Charger
Diapering (In Addition to Diaper Bag)

Disposable Changing Pads
Diaper Cream
Box of Wipes
Diapers (What You Need + More!)
Sealable Plastic Bags for Diapers
Hand Sanitizer


Baby Gear

Baby Carrier (Baby Bjorn or Sling)
Car Seat (& Car Seat Base)
Teething Ring
Pacifiers & Pacifier Hooks

Travel Crib
Travel Crib Sheets (2)
Crib Blankets (2) for Older Babies
Wearable or Swaddle Blanket for Baby
Medicine (Check with Doctor First)
Baby Tylenol
Tummy Medicine
Teething Medicine or Topical Gel
Prescription Medicines
Birth Control Pills
Baby Nasal Saline Drops
Baby’s Blue Bulb for Nose

Holiday Gifts
Ear Plugs


Travel Mamas Airplane Carry-On Kit for Babies and Toddlers

“Some people will tell you to pack light. These people do not have young children. You may have a lot to lug with you, but you’ll thank us at 30,000 miles in the air! Depending on your child’s age and needs, you may not need all of the items listed.

Car seat (Even if not booking a seat for baby; it can be gate checked)
Stroller (It can be gate-checked too)
Diapers (Enough to make it through the flight, plus 3 – 6 extra)
Diaper Cream (Tube must be smaller than 4 ounces due to airline regulations)
Diaper Wipes
Changing Pad (Disposable pads are great!)
Change of Clothes for Baby (And maybe one for you)
Plastic Bags for Soiled Diapers (Barf bags can be used for this as well)
Bottles (Enough to make it through the flight, plus 2 – 3 extra)
Nursing Cover-Up
Pacifiers (Plenty of ’em stuffed in more than one bag to make retrieval easy)
Powdered Formula
Healthy Snacks
“Forbidden” Snacks
No-Spill Snack Container
A Sippy-Cup
Bib (Plastic-coated so it is easily wiped clean)
Baby Spoon
Baby Fork
Baby Food (In plastic containers – twice as much as you think you will need)
Baby Medications (Ibuprofen for sore ears and anything else baby may need – must be 4 oz. or smaller)
Nose Aspirator (The blue booger-bulb for infants)
Digital Armpit Thermometer (Compact and discreet method of checking for fever)
Travel DVD player or Video iPod and Plenty of Kid Movies (And a couple “grown-up” movies for you in case the baby actually sleeps!)
3 – 9 Favorite Books (Depending on the length of the flight)
1 – 2 New Books
1 – 2 Favorite Small Toys
Cuddle Object (Favorite blankie or stuffed toy)
2 – 6 New Small Toys (You can gift wrap these for older toddlers to buy some time)Pack of Fat Crayons or Washable Markers and a Coloring Book
Flash Cards, Lacing Cards or Other Compact Activity (For older toddlers)


I have already used this list from travelmamas multiple times and edited it as our needs change. A friend recommended I wore G in his carrier through security and was happy to have both hands free (thanks Michelle). The car seat went into the luggage x-ray and my huge jogging stroller was swabbed down by a TSA agent. Each flight does come with its own challenges. I hope this list helps create some Everyday Order in your life.

What did you learn from your flight with a wee one?


A quick guide on how I cleaned out my recipe box

Like anything in life, recipes can go out of style. Ten years ago, I would try any recipe that sounded delicious; no ingredient list or method stood in my way. Today, I neither have the time nor the desire to spend hours in the kitchen to create something that will be inhaled in under ten minutes (my husband was offended when he read this!). I need recipes that fit my lifestyle now. Read: quick, easy, healthy.

I grabbed a cup of coffee, cleared a space and plopped myself along with the pile of recipes on the table. Now what?

 Here are the four questions I asked myself:

Have I made this in the past year?

Will I make it this month?

Can I find this recipe online?

Do I enjoy making this?


If the answer to the first two questions was no, then out it went. If I could find it online, again, out it went.

I was worried about tossing some recipes because I might forget about the dish entirely. To remedy that, I decided to keep a running list of the recipes we enjoy eating and I enjoy making (keyword, enjoy). If that pasta was delicious, but roasting the peppers and mincing ten cloves of garlic was cramping my style, out with it!  Isn’t this fun? I thought so.

I ended up with a list of over 25 go-to dinners that will save loads of time when making the dreaded grocery list.


In the past, I uploaded my recipes and made them into a cookbook using Tastebook.com.  It was a great way to have all my recipes in a pretty little book.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Lately the majority of the recipes I cook can be found online. I use my ipad in this wooden stand to view the recipe. The minimalist and natural design of the stand were a win-win in my book.


(The recipe on my ipad in the picture is on repeat over here.)

I started keeping my online recipes together in the Evernote app. I chose evernote after reading this article about the different apps people use to store their virtual recipes.  

For the remaining lone paper recipes, they are happily filed in a folder for me to look at when I need to.

How do you store your recipes?